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Q1I want to see your studio and come by for a chat. Do I need to make a reservation?

AOur store is completely reservation-based. When you visit, please be sure to call and ask our staff to confirm availability.

Q2Can I bring in a design of my choosing?

AOf course that is ok. Bring along a design or picture! This will help move things along!

Q3Is same-day tattooing possible?

AAs I mentioned above, it may be that all of our artists are busy and if that is the case, you will have to wait. However, sometimes it is possible to drop by and get work done on the same day. Ideally, we would appreciate it if you could call ahead.

Q4Can I make a reservation for tattooing by phone?

AUnfortunately, we can not accept registrations for a tattoo by telephone. This has to be made in person. You can, of course, make a visitation appointment by phone.

For those from far away
If you are coming in from out of town and really need to do everything done in one go, a couple of things need to happen.
First, we would like you to indicate 1) where you want the tattooing done, 2) the preferred size of the tattoo, 3)the date you would like to get your tattoo as well as 4) a photo-copy of your ID.
Also, to reserve a tattooing session, it is critical that we 5) have the 10,000 yen deposit on hand.
Please go to the post office and ask for a “Genkin Kakitomme” (現金書留) envelop.
Please write our address on the envelope, enclose 10,000 yen and send it to us.
We can complete your tattoo reservation as soon as this is in hand.

Q5Pricing – is this determined by complexity or time?

APricing is generally determined by the content of the design. You can click here for more information.

Q6Is there a minimum age?

AWe will not tattoo anyone who is not 18 or older or someone who is still a high school student. We will ask for a valid ID before we begin tattooing.

Q7How much does it hurt?

AThis is a hard question as pain is really relative! It also depends on where the tattooing is being done. Not to be melodramatic but our best advice is get a good nights’ rest the day before and come physically prepared.。

Q8Can I pay by credit?

ASorry, we can only accept cash.

Q9Is it okay to take a bath on the day I get my tattoo?

AIt is okay to take a shower, but you must avoid soaking in the bath while your tattoo is scabbing.

Q10How long do I have to avoid drinking alcohol after I get my tattoo?

AYou must avoid drinking any kind of alcohol for at least a day.

Q11When can I start exercising (working out / playing sports) after I get my tattoo?

AIt matters on how well your skin is healing. We recommend you to wait at least one week before you start any strenuous exercises.

Q12When can I start swimming after I get my tattoo?

AIt matters on how fast your skin heals, but we advise you to keep out of the water (both tap water and seawater) for at least one week.

Q13How long do I have to avoid direct sunlight after I get my tattoo?

AAt least one month.

Q14It seems like my tattoo is losing its color, what can I do?

AContact us, we will be more than happy to do a touch up. This is usually free.