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Pricing of Tattoos

  • ワンポイントタトゥー/Small tattoo

    Small tattoo (approx. the size of 500 yen coin)
    10,000 yen

  • タバコケースサイズタトゥー/Cigarette pack size

    Cigarette pack size
    20,000〜30,000 yen

  • はがきサイズタトゥー/Post card size

    Post card size
    40,000〜50,000 yen

  • B5サイズタトゥー/B5 size

    B5 size
    Around 100,000 yen

  • BIGサイズタトゥー/BIG size

    BIG size (larger than B5)
    *Please ask the artist for a quote.

*Please use the above as rough guide. The basic tattooing fee covering both the design and the tattooing are determined by design and by the size.

*If two tattoos are the same size, a simple design will cost less than a complex design.

*For the big designs that can not be completed in one day, consult with the artist for scheduling and pricing. When you decide to make a reservation for the tattoo, the staff give you a firm estimate. There will be no hidden fees or items not included in your estimate so please feel confident in this figure.

– Deposit
After deciding on your tattoo design and the desired size, you will need to make a reservation to get your tattoo. We need a deposit of 10,000 yen per design. After the tattooing is done, we will deduct this 10,000 yen from the total bill.
For the larger designs, often we need a more significant deposit so please confirm with the artist.

– Cancelation Fee
If you decide to cancel after setting up a tattoo reservation, your deposit will become the cancelation fee.
If you cancel or change your schedule on the day of your reservation or after hours the day before, your deposit will become the cancelation fee.
If you need to change your reservation, you MUST call at least by the day before and during business hours.