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Flow of treatment

1) inquiry

Once you have decided on the image you would like to engrave, please feel free to contact us via">the inquiry form or by phone.
We will schedule a consultation date and time that is convenient for you.

2) meeting

  • 打ち合わせ

Please visit us once and we will discuss the design image.
Since your tattoo will last a lifetime, we will first have a detailed meeting.
I decide on an image based on the materials available in the studio.
If you have reference materials (books, photos, sketches, etc.) for your image, please bring them with you.
On the day of your consultation, we will advise you and decide on the tattoo design, color, area, etc.

3) 】reservation

  • 予約

Once you have decided on the design, we will schedule your treatment and fill out the necessary documents at the end of the meeting.
Identification with a photo (driver's license, passport, My Number, etc.)
A reservation deposit of 10,000 yen (tattoo deposit, which will be deducted from the treatment fee on the day) is required.

4) Prepare for the treatment day

Until the day of your treatment, please keep your body in balance by refraining from drinking as much as possible and getting enough sleep.
Please eat before coming to the store on the day of your visit.
If you have any concerns about your health, please be sure to consult the artist.

5) Visit

On the day of your treatment, please confirm the design, area, equipment used, and sanitary equipment, and wait patiently until the setting is complete.

6) ] Treatment

  • 施術
  • 施術
  • 施術

It's finally time for the surgery.
Disinfect and shave the affected area.
The tattoo design is transferred or drawn onto the skin.
Check the position of your tattoo design in a mirror.
You will be asked to lie down on the bed and receive the treatment.

7) 】Complete

  • 完成

It was completed.
After the treatment is complete, you will be asked to examine your tattoo work in a mirror.

8) ] Aftercare

  • アフターケア

After the break, the tattoo area will be cleaned and protected with a bandage.
I took a photo and went to the counter. Finally, we will provide a thorough explanation of aftercare.
Please feel free to ask our staff about anything you do not understand.


If you are under 20 or still in high school, we can not tattoo you.

Also, we reserve the right of refusal if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • ・If you are not feeling well.
  • ・If you have consumed alcohol the day of your reservation or the previous day.
  • ・If you are sunburned.
  • ・If you are obviously medicated.
  • ・If you have HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, liver, blood disorders or allergies.
  • ・If you are a member of a gang or if we have adequate reason to feel that you are associated with a gang.
  • ・If you want to get a tattoo for any other reason besides art.
  • ・If we feel that it is not suitable for you to get a tattoo.