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Our Devotion to Sanitation and Hygiene

Our Devotion to Sanitation and Hygiene At our studio, we are fastidious about cleanliness and sanitation. We use ethanol and a 6% solution of sodium hypochlorite to keep everything squeaky clean. To help ensure cleanliness, we insist that our clients use a surgical scrub on their hands before we start your tattoo. And of course, we discard all single-use items such as needles, ink, ink cups, gloves etc, after usage. For other items like the machine tubes, grips and other machinery, we use an Autoclave, a Sterilizer and an Ultra Sonic Cleaner, to make absolutely sure that all utensils used are completely disinfected and sterilized. If blood accidentally gets on a non-disposable item, we will set up a guard between the tainted item and the client and dispose of the item after the tattooing is completed.

Auto Clave (オートクレーブ)

*1) Autoclave

The Autoclave works by raising the barometric pressure inside the machine by two units and heating the contents to between 120 and 135 degrees ℃. This process will kill bacteria or viruses that boiling water or disinfectant can not. This is method is utilized by medical facilities around the world and we are confident in its reliability and effectiveness to reduce germs.


*2) Sterilizer (Sterilizer and Disinfectant)

This unit uses irradiation to disinfect in a very short amount of time. At HYPER SPACE, we store tattoo equipment here in the sterilizer after cleansing them in the autoclave.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner(超音波洗浄機)

*3) Ultra Sonic Cleaner

As the name suggests, this unit uses ultra sonic waves to cleanse equipment. We use this machine to destroy any unseen traces of tattoo ink or other invisible bits of uncleanliness and wash everything away.